Tuesday, March 19, 2019

How to get rid of Black Screen Error on HP Laptop?

Black screen error on HP computers could be depressing for a user. In this type of error, your computer screen will brighten up but no icons on it. There can be many aspects of this type of problem with HP computers. This problem can be also challenging to overcome in some conditions. To avoid all hassles, you can simply contact HP Customer Support and speak with one of their online experts for fastest solutions over this problem. Moreover, there is some possible and easy diagnosis for Black Screen Error that could be performed by a regular computer user.

The content posted in this blog is effective for Windows 10 & 8 users. The users who are still running Windows 7 or Vista or XP on their computer and getting Black Screen Error can call on HP Help Number for advanced troubleshooting.

Easy steps for elimination of Black Screen Error- We have brought some easy information on such errors, by following below instructions, you may avoid big hassle and get your computer back online.

  •                      Perform a Hard Shut Down- When your HP computer does not turn ON properly and gives your Black or Blank Screen with no icons on it, performing a hard shut down will probably help in quick recovery. To perform a quick hard shut down- unplug theadaptor wire- now press and hold the power button on laptop for 30 seconds- next release the power button and plug in the power cord. Press the power button and wait for screen to load.

  •                    Misconfiguration of Windows Updates- The latest Windows 10 computers are set to download and install available updates automatically, wherein shutting you’re your computer during the update’s installation may lead to Black Screen on next restart. In this scenario, you must turn your computer ON and leave it as it is for atleast 20 minutes. The idle computer will trigger the CPU to load the programs gently back to normal screen.

  •                    Unplug External Media Devices- When experiencing this type of problem, unplug all external media devices (Thumb Drive, External Hard Drive, DVD Disk, USB printer, Camera, Cell-phone, Backup Drive etc.) immediately and reboot the computer.

Above instructions will be surely effective in most scenarios, but this type of problem also occur due to hardware failure in HP laptops. When not getting close to any solutions, get HP Technical Support by dialing their toll-free phone number and let their experts analyze the actual status of your device for further troubleshooting.

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